What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership providing the structure, support and focus to enable individuals to identify, clarify and achieve their business and personal goals.

Executive coaching services are well established in the USA. The roots of executive coaching come from sports performance coaching, particularly from tennis and athletics and have been transplanted into the business arena to help deliver improved results. No serious athlete or performer of today would expect to progress very far without a coach. Personal Trainers look after your body and coaching takes a similar role for your mind. Your Coach is there at your side to support, stretch, challenge and encourage.

Coaching is so effective because you agree with your Coach to commit to take action on things you keep putting off, things you never get round to or tough things which are hard to face on your own.


A mentor is usually someone experienced in the industry who provides advice and guidance.


A counsellor works with a client to resolve issues from their past.


Consultants diagnose problems and offer solutions and may support the client to implement changes.


Training imparts specific skills & knowledge.

A coach is an objective aid to facilitate problem solving.¬†Coaching offers process support rather than focusing on content. Having a coach provides structure & rigour to the client’s thinking. By drawing on the client’s thinking you search your own experience & come up with your own options. Coaching is a de-stresser, by downloading things in a safe, confidential environment, you get to the nub of the issue & start to resolve it.

How Smart Coaching Works with Clients

We work by building focus and clarity to achieve agreed goals.

Clients typically feel they have achieved a breakthrough, delivering a substantial change in a range of areas from business performance, career decisions and progression, to working relationships and personal satisfaction.

We work by creating a powerful partnership where the coach enables the client to unlock their potential to achieve far more than they would individually.

Coaching is a unique opportunity to experience different ways of thinking, draw on strengths, explore limiting beliefs and achieve results both professional and personal.

A coaching package can be designed to suit any personal or organisational requirement. Coaching works best if a regular routine is set; talking weekly, fortnightly or monthly. By using a combination of face-to-face, telephone & email appointments can be time-efficient & focused.

Who needs a coach?

Business and private clients

Clients such as entrepreneurs, professionals, managers & executives typically use The Smart Coaching Co to meet the following needs:

Career change: managing the transition

  • To support outplacement and minimise feelings of
    being “processed”
  • To provide inplacement support for those new to a role
    or a company
  • To speed up assimilation & output in their first 100 days
  • To enable career planning for promotion and enhance
    the progress of talented people

Work-life balance: working smarter, not harder

  • To prioritise goals to support organisational and
    personal success
  • To manage stress at work by understanding trigger points
    and creating strategies to deal with them

Leadership development: it’s lonely at the top and I need to deliver

To provide a confidential sounding board on issues such as:

  • Planning & managing change
  • Growing the business to the next level
  • Building relationships
  • Managing team performance
  • Personal focus & organisation

Performance management: achieving results in the current job

  • To increase self-awareness and achieve targets for those
    not performing, underachieving or unhappy in their role

“I was at a crossroads and you supported me in defining my life purpose and how important work/life balance was to me.”

- A stressed out Management Consultant.