You know how good you are, but do future employers or clients?

Invest in a CV template and personal coaching that enables you to create a new CV.  One that stands out, says what you want and what you have to offer. You choose the level of service according to your needs and budget.

Standard Service Benefits:

  • Create a best practice CV.
  • Feel confident that your skill set and talent are shining through.
  • Includes 60 minutes of telephone coaching plus email support.

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Premium Service Benefits:

  • Standard Service plus
  • Understand and sell your personal brand.
  • Develop a targeted approach using networking skills.
  • Includes 3 x 45 minutes of telephone coaching plus e-mail support

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Offered by:

The Smart Coaching Company Ltd, experienced in career coaching for Managers & Professionals over the last 20 years. Clients include IT Contractors, Management Consultants, and Training & Development Professionals.