Step 1.

CV template sent to you by email by Smart Coaching Co.

Step 2.

You phone Smart Coaching Co at pre-arranged time to assist you identify your
personal brand for 45 minutes. We cover your unique value, your reputation, the environments you thrive in, what differentiates you from others and how to effectively communicate this to future clients.

Step 3.

Using the template and ideas from the coaching call you create your first draft CV and return by email to Smart Coaching Co.
Step 4. You phone Smart Coaching Co at a pre-arranged time to discuss your first draft CV.

Step 5.

After the 45 minute call you make amendments to your first draft and resend as a second draft.

Step 6.

Smart Coaching Co suggest more changes to the second draft CV and email back to you.

Step 7.

You make changes to your second draft CV and email to Smart Coaching Co.

Step 8.

Smart Coaching Co email back any final corrections to the third draft CV.

Step 9.

You call Smart Coaching Co at a pre-arranged time for a final 45 minutes to plan your targeted networking and CV distribution. This will cover who you know, who they know, groups you belong to that maybe helpful etc.

Step 10.

CV ready for use by you and your network!