Seizing a business opportunity

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career-planningHave you got a business idea?

Robin Sieger, a motivational guru tells us about a friend of his, who having reached a senior position with the BBC over a 20-year career, was unexpectedly made redundant. It seemed that some external consultants had advised senior management to reduce the headcount. He was obviously upset that his senior managers did not appreciate his worth, but he was also worried about the future, having become so comfortable in his role, and in the stable environment around him.

We are all guilty of sitting back in the comfort zone and it is only through times of crisis that we are forced to reassess our situation. So, over a drink Robin asked him to take a step back and see the redundancy as an opportunity to take his professional expertise to a wider market, with a glowing CV that included a host of enviable awards and credits.

Robin sums it up by saying that “There are two positions in the car, the driver’s seat, or one of the passenger seats. Unless you’re in the driver’s seat you going on someone else’s journey

For 20 years his friend had been in all the seats except the driver’s seat, and his journey had been controlled by others.

So what happened to Robin’s friend? Well, when it became known that he was leaving the BBC, he received so many offers that he decided to go freelance and chose the projects that most interested him. They met for lunch over a year later and his only regret was that he hadn’t done it sooner.

Perhaps we spend too much time waiting for something to happen, and when we don’t get what we wish for we get angry or insecure and find a mountain of excuses to justify to the world and ourselves. Rather, shouldn’t we be in the driver’s seat and setting our own course, with the understanding and acceptance that the journey will not be easy or straightforward but, at journey’s end, will leave us in no doubt that it was worthwhile.

QUESTION: What opportunities are there that you can seize?  

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