Goals are for Winning

Goaaaaal!What is a Goal?

A goal is defined as “the aim or object towards which endeavour is directed…” When you set goals you have clear aims and objectives towards which to channel your effort and energy.

For me it’s the art and science of coaching. Combining the left part of your brain – logical, linear, analytical thinking –  with the right side of your brain – creative, visual, imaginative thinking and then wrapping it in passion and energy from your heart to make goals which are truly compelling.

How can you make your goals into reality?

I recommend that my clients use the GROW method,  based on John Whitmore’s work. It is a brilliant yet simple model used in coaching. GROW has 4 steps:

  1. Goal
  2. Reality
  3. Options
  4. What will you do?

By defining goals you visualise the new exciting place you want to be.  You build a compelling future.  You create a state of motivation.

Moving onto the now, the current reality, is the second stage. A gap is created between where you are now and where you want to be.

How do you fill the gap?  You identify the best options through creative thinking, breaking the final goal up into achievable steps, or sub-goals.  Be realistic and build in a contingency – anything new and worth achieving often takes longer than you think!

Then the tough bit…you commit to action. When, where, how will you deliver on this goal? What will you do?

Having a destination to aim for and a plan to get there is key.

If you think about a great holiday, a successful dinner party, a business launch they are the end result of some specific goal setting. They don’t just happen. That same level of energy and thought can be applied equally to careers, professions and business but often isn’t. Why? Because we are too busy living our daily lives, too involved, too close to see a different set of choices.

So, what will YOU do?

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