Goals, Goals, Goals!

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10 Features of Well-Written Goals

In my last post, I explained the basics of goal-setting and now I fill this out with some tips on how to write your goals:

  1. They match with your personal and professional/organisational values.
  2. Goals are written down otherwise they are dreams or wishes. Keep a diary or notebook to record these. If you are more of a visual person a mind map may capture your thoughts better than traditional notes. Tony Buzan is the best author on this subject.
  3. They are reviewed regularly. To do this keep them handy, always in the same place and create a good habit of say reviewing every Sunday evening. Tracking your progress and refreshing yourself keeps you focused and gives clarity to decision making in the week and month ahead. A success diary breeds further success.
  4. Goals are specific, e.g. I want to live in a white house with a sweeping staircase.
  5. They are written in the positive e.g. I want to achieve a weight of X stones/Kg/pounds.
  6. Goals are captured in the imagination. You can visualise how they will look and feel. I have a visual part to my business plan to inspire me.
  7. They are measurable. How will you know when you have achieved the goal?
  8. Goals are challenging, to stretch you and motivate you, but not so hard that they seem too daunting and out of reach. Remember – bite size chunks.
  9. They are achievable and within your influence and largely within your control. Big goals can suit teams and departments who can together set and agree action steps.
  10. They are set within a timeframe. Allow two and a half times longer than your gut instinct suggests to allow for obstacles and emergencies.

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